Trucker Path App Reviews

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Needs repair

Was happy with app until most recent update. Now app takes longer to load, does not respond well to on-screen commands and app periodically freezes. Please re-release previous version until problems corrected.


Ex version was working without internet. This one also working but too slow. I got wifi with me but still slow. Please do something.



Great App!

This app sure saves us a time in looking for truck stops.


The best

Latest update

I regret doing the last update! The site does not respond and when it does extremely slow its absolutely terrible! It is unusable for me now! I hope this issue can be resolved because I use this site every day.


Great app ! Has info on everything you need for trucking


Love the app , the best app i had i a long time , thnks for the help Trucker Path

Not working

Latest update is terrible. Extremely laggy and slow. New design I cant understand how can i get directions to the place

Bad update !

Since the update the app barely works , locks up . Please fix the update , I have used this app for about 2 years dailey .


I dont know why all the updates but it has made the app move slower it was fine before please fix ASAP a must need app for truckers!

Loved the app-until the latest release

Still like the app but new release is slow to load and respond. Also got conflicting mileage. One location showed a certain mileage and the next farther location showed a lower mileage. Quite a few icons dont respond when tapping in them. Hopefully bugs get worked out. Still like using it-glad its free.

Very laggy

Latest update make app really slow and laggy. I would be rather stay on older version

Great app

A must have for truckers Only flaw is it could use a night mode.


Best Trucker App out there!


Great for general info on truck stops especially for parking just everyone update info on parking. Truck on!

Excellent App

This is the only app I use on the road! It provides accurate info and I can find just about every truck friendly establishment.

Too busy

Too much crammed into this app to use unless you are sitting still. Useless while driving.

Bottom Notch.

Used to be: Really good app for CDL drivers and large vehicles. Super simple without obtrusive ads or ridiculous gouging via in-app freemium microtransactions. Its a shame that so many drivers are ignorant technological dinosaurs, but these devs got it right. This update: Ya blew it.

Mad Max thunder Dom

Its the greatest save me in tight out of Dot time situation

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